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RCP COPD audit – planning for every breath

The first report of the National Chronic Obstructive Disease (COPD) Audit Programme: National primary care audit (Wales) 2014-2015, entitled ‘Time to take a breath’, was published at the end of 2016. Key learnings from the audit for the diagnosis, monitoring and management of patients were presented in a webinar hosted on the Primary Care Respiratory Academy.

Analysis of data from 82,000 records of patients with COPD, from 94% of practices in Wales, fed into the second report from the primary care audit 2015-2017, entitled ‘Planning for every breath’, published in December 2017.

Key findings and quality improvement opportunities are listed under each of the following headings:

• Demographics and comorbidities
• Getting the diagnosis right
• Assessing severity and future risk
• Providing high-value care
• Ensuring equal and equitable care

Recommendations are listed for primary care, people with or worried about COPD, respiratory specialists and systems managers.

RCP COPD audit – Planning for every breath

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