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The importance of choosing the right inhaler

The number of inhaler devices and spacers has exploded in recent years; there are now 17 different devices and 106 treatment options from which to choose.

With so many inhaler devices on the market, how does a primary care practitioner decide which is best for their patient? Join Steve Holmes (GP, Joint PCRS-UK Clinical Lead for Primary Care Respiratory Academy and PCRS-UK Education Lead) and Laura Rush (Respiratory Practice Nurse Somerset) as they discuss what influences the choice of inhaler, common errors in technique when using either pressurised metered-dose inhalers or dry powder inhalers, the importance of coaching your patient in how to use their inhaler correctly, where the responsibility for ensuring good technique lies and signposting to various resources for further information.

To help primary care practitioners choose the inhaler that is appropriate for their patients, the NHS London Procurement Partnership Responsible Respiratory Prescribing Group has developed a website (and app) with information on each medicine, for example, licenced indication, dose, side effects, technique and 30-day treatment costs. Follow Link 1 to learn how to access an editorial written by Mr Attar-Zadeh (Respiratory Lead Pharmacist Barnet CCG) that explains what RightBreathe is and why it is needed, and Link 2 for free access to RightBreathe content.

Why is RightBreathe needed RightBreathe

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